The concept of Celebrity Mobile was launched 2006 in cooperation with Apple Germany, we are a specialized in producing special and limited editions gadgets for iconic brands and established artists in cooperation with some of the most credible network of suppliers around the world. 

Celebrity Mobile was first to bring a branded Nokia Limited Edition Mobile for the Middle East in partnership with Nokia and Amr Diab.

In addition we produced the first iPod Nano Limited Edition for music producer Mousse T and the first official iPod Video Limited Edition for Germany's award winning artist Xavier Naidoo pre-loaded with his new album, videos and photos in collaboration with Apple Germany

We offer B2B clients and loyal fans, a unique opportunity to associate with their favorite Artist / Brand and own a specially designed and branded mobile phone bundled with exclusive content


Ø Design of approved products including packaging, covers and accessories

Ø Design and launch of ELISSA’s own Micro Site including e-business infrastructure with payment gateway, fulfilment and shipping

Ø Secure production of products including Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart Watches (Latest Models), Makeup Accessories, etc.

Ø Developing and launching an exclusive App for content including audio, video and images (APK)

Ø Augmented reality development including the embedding of content on covers and boxes

Ø 1-year management and coordination of the project

Ø All approved content will be pre-loaded into ELISSA’s exclusive and branded devices via APK link provided to fans upon purchase using specially developed applications for the selected devices.

Ø Organizing of Launch / Press Event to launch product including ongoing PR in collaboration with Artist

Ø Deign, build and setup of brands on the Metaverse including the embedding of real products and live events in the virtual world